Visiting the home of a Soka Gakkai member in Toyonaka
(Osaka, April 1980) © Seikyo Shimbun
Visiting Deng Yingchao, widow of Premier Zhou Enlai, at
her home in Zhongnanhai (Beijing, April 1980) © Seikyo Shimbun
Presenting paper balloons to children at the San Francisco
Culture Center (California, October 1980) © Seikyo Shimbun
At an exchange meeting in Honolulu (Hawaii, January 1981) © Seikyo Shimbun
Informal exchange with students on the campus of National
Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico, March 1981) © Seikyo Shimbun
Meeting Lyudmila Zhivkova, chair of Bulgaria's Committee on Arts
and Culture, at the National Palace of Culture (Sofia, May 1981) © Seikyo Shimbun
A tour of Niagara Falls in Canada with his wife, Kaneko, during
a trip to North America (Niagara Falls, Canada, June 1981) © Seikyo Shimbun
Meeting Professor Atukwei Okai, president of Ghana's Writers
Association, on the Soka University campus in Hachioji
(Tokyo, September 1981) © Seikyo Shimbun
Laying a wreath at the Peace Statue in Nagasaki Peace Park
in memory of war and atomic bomb victims
(Nagasaki Prefecture, May 1982) © Seikyo Shimbun
Meeting with Natalia Sats, director of the Moscow Musical
Theater for Children (Tokyo, July 1982) © Seikyo Shimbun
Meeting with Konosuke Matsushita, founder of Matsushita Electric
Industrial Co. (Panasonic) (Tokyo, November 1983) © Seikyo Shimbun
Discussing youth, literature and education with renowned
Chinese writer Ba Jin (Shizuoka Prefecture, May 1984) © Seikyo Shimbun
Visiting one of the printing companies of the Seikyo Press in
Minato Ward (Tokyo, December 1984) © Seikyo Shimbun
Being greeted at the airport by Valentina Tereshkova,
the first woman to fly in space (Moscow, May 1987) © Seikyo Shimbun
Greeting a pioneer Soka Gakkai member alongside a road in
Yamagata City (Yamagata Prefecture, July 1987) © Seikyo Shimbun
Admiring a handmade paper dragon created by Singapore
Soka Association members (Singapore, February 1988) © Seikyo Shimbun
With Soka Gakkai Thailand members at their center in Thonburi
(Bangkok, February 1988) © Seikyo Shimbun
Meeting with René Huyghe, the French art critic and member of
the Académie Française (Paris, June 1989) © Seikyo Shimbun