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Animation: Children’s Stories

Daisaku Ikeda is the author of a number of children’s stories, some of which have been illustrated by the celebrated children’s book illustrator Brian Wildsmith and translated into several languages. The stories convey the importance of courage, hope, friendship and peace through the vivid adventures of children in different parts of the world. Twelve of the stories have been adapted and animated for television and broadcast in 25 countries.

A selection of these stories can be viewed here by clicking on the links below. Others will be added in time.

Title Length
NEWAbout the Author1' 45"
NEWRainbow Mountain25' 45"
NEWThe Princess and the Moon25' 21"
NEWThe Two Princes26' 03"
Kanta and the Deer25' 53"
The Cherry Tree25' 56"
The Princess of the Desert Kingdom25' 30"