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Overview Early Life Encountering a Mentor Attending "Toda University" Learning Leadership Political Involvement and Persecution Assuming the Presidency Trip to the USA The 1960s–Bold Beginnings Founding the Komei Party Further New Ventures The 1970s–Dialogue, Breaking New Ground Resignation The 1980s–Peace through Dialogue Excommunication Developing Educational Exchange A Question of Motivation



Photo Album

Photo Album

Curriculum Vitae

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Encountering Josei Toda A Mother's Love A Conversation with My Wife

Buddhist Philosopher

Buddhism in Action Essays on Buddhism                 Philosophical Institute                

Buddhism in Action

Overview Buddhism and the Lotus Sutra A Universal Humanity Dialogue Buddhist Humanism Human Revolution The Role of Religion

Essays on Buddhism

The Living Buddha The Flower of Chinese Buddhism The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra What is Human Revolution? Death Gives Greater Meaning to Life The Buddhist View of Life and Death

Philosophical Institute                

Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP)


Advancing Peace Peace Proposals Essays on Peace Portraits of Global Citizens Peace Institutes

Advancing Peace            

Overview Opposition to War Developing a Culture of Peace Dialogue as the Path to Peace A Portrait of Citizen Diplomacy Sino-Japanese Relations Cultural Exchanges for Peace: Cuba Facing up to Asia Peace through Culture A Grassroots Movement

Peace Proposals            

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 2006 UN Proposal Nuclear Disarmament Proposal Normalization of Sino-Japanese Relations

Essays on Peace            

A Mirror Strongholds for Peace The Courage of Nonviolence Religion Exists to Realize Peace Stop the Killing Memories of My Eldest Brother

Portraits of Global Citizens

Aleksey N. Kosygin Chingiz Aitmatov Fang Zhaoling Jose Abueva Kenneth D. Kaunda Maria Teresa Escoda Roxas Nelson Mandela Wangari Maathai

Peace Institutes                

Ikeda Center for Peace Learning, and Dialogue (formerly BRC) Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research Min-On Concert Association Tokyo Fuji Art Museum


Creative Education Education Proposal Essays on Education Educational Institutes

Creative Education

Overview Why Education? What is Value-Creating Education? Soka Education in Practice Wisdom and Knowledge Ikeda's Own Educational Influences An Educational Legacy A Global Network of Humanistic Education Educational Proposal Global Citizens and the Imperative of Peace

Education Proposal

Education for Sustainable Development

Essays on Educ.

The Dawn of a Century of Humanistic Education The Tradition of Soka University Teachers of My Childhood Makiguchi's Philosophy of Education Treasuring Every Child The Flowering of Creative Life Force Be Creative Individuals

Educational Institutes                

Makiguchi Foundation for Education Soka Schools Soka University Soka University of America

Proponent of Culture                

Cultivating the Human Spirit Essays on Culture Cultural Institutes

Cultivating the Human Spirit

Overview A Revitalizing Power Infusing Culture into the Soka Gakkai Cultural Institutes and Cultural Exchange A Culture of Dialogue

Essays on Culture                

Restoring Our Connections with the World The Flowering of Creative Life Force Be Creative Individuals Fang Zhaoling--Paintings of the Heart Mother of Peace, Mother of Culture: Maria Teresa Escoda Roxas--Former President of the Cultural Center of the Philippines Brian Wildsmith--Opening the Door to a World of Dreams, Hope and Magic On Writing Children's Stories

Cultural Institutes                

Min-On Concert Association Tokyo Fuji Art Museum


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Books by Category

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Photographic Works

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