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Green Revolution and Human Revolution
with M. S. Swaminathan

Green Revolution and Human Revolution
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EastWest Books (Madras)



Professor M.S. Swaminathan, a plant geneticist by training, has been called "The Father of Economic Ecology" for his contributions to the agricultural renaissance of India. In Revolutions, Swaminathan and Daisaku Ikeda lay out their views of science and religion in relation to the human spirit. Together they trace the stream of 20th-century movements in which their lives emerged and that has led humanity to its present global moment, what Swaminathan concludes is "a crossroads on our way to ultimate happiness".

A leading proponent of India's ever-green revolution promoting sustainable agriculture, Swaminathan balances the rationality of science with its contribution to the welfare of life and all that sustains it. Ikeda, leader of the SGI movement for peace through personal empowerment, brings parallel focus to religion. Their thoughts and experiences converge in support of the full and meaningful engagement of people-women and youth as critically as men-in determining solutions to the issues of poverty, climate change, and sustainable peace where they live. The two posit an inner, spiritual revolution on a world scale to unleash the spirit of cooperation and invention which all people as much as science share.

The dialogue is at once wide-ranging and intimate; in all, casting two perspectives from Asia of hope on the challenges of today's globalized society.

Green Revolution and Human Revolution is also available in Japanese, English and Italian.



Early Influences

Becoming a Humanistic Scientist

Agricultural Renaissance and Food Security

The Century of Life and the Century of Women

The Challenge of the Ever-green Revolution

Global-citizenship Education

The Spirit of Non-violence

Harmonising Regionalism and Globalism

Eliminating Nuclear Weapons

A World of Peace and Justice

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