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Nuclear Weapons Abolition

“No matter how many people strive for a better world and society, or for how long, once an exchange of nuclear forces begins, all will have been for naught. The reality of the nuclear age is that we are compelled to live in constant company with the worst—the most incomprehensible and absurd—danger imaginable.” —Daisaku Ikeda, 2022 Peace Proposal

There are approximately 13,400 nuclear warheads on Earth. The longer these weapons continue to exist, the greater the likelihood they will be used, whether deliberately or by accident. Any use of nuclear weapons will cause catastrophic humanitarian consequences—instantly killing vast numbers of people, incinerating population centers and disrupting the global climate. The launch of a single missile can set everything in motion.

Concrete steps toward the abolition of nuclear weapons from the 2022 peace proposal:

  • This January 3 (2022), the leaders of the five nuclear-weapon states issued a statement on preventing nuclear war and avoiding arms races. I call on the UN Security Council to use this joint statement as the basis for a resolution urging the five nuclear-weapon states to take concrete measures to fulfill their obligations to nuclear disarmament stipulated by Article VI of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).
  • Japan will host the G7 Summit in 2023. I propose that a high-level meeting on reducing the role of nuclear weapons be held concurrently in Hiroshima, in which the leaders of non-G7 countries could also participate.
  • I strongly call both for Japan and other nuclear-dependent states and for the nuclear-weapon states to participate as observers in the first meeting of states parties (1MSP) to the TPNW when it is held in Vienna in March (2022). I also suggest that a commitment be made at this meeting to create a permanent secretariat to ensure fulfillment of the obligations and international cooperation stipulated in the TPNW.

More on Daisaku Ikeda’s engagement for a nuclear-free world:

Daisaku Ikeda’s statement to the 2022 NPT Review Conference calling for “No First Use” of nuclear weapons.
A video on the friendship between Nobel laureate Linus Pauling and Daisaku Ikeda and their shared desire for peace and nuclear disarmament.
A published dialogue between Daisaku Ikeda and Joseph Rotblat, the scientist who quit work on the development of the atom bomb

Nuclear Disarmament Quotes

“I have continued to maintain that if we are to truly put an end to the era of nuclear weapons we must struggle against the real enemy, which is neither nuclear weapons per se nor the states that possess or develop them, but rather the ways of thinking that permit the existence of such weapons—the readiness to annihilate others when they are perceived to be a threat or a hindrance to the realization of our objectives.”—Daisaku Ikeda, 2019 Peace Proposal

“The threat posed by nuclear weapons is neither immediately visible nor consistently palpable within the realities of daily life, and there is a tendency to consider this threat as merely a relic of the tragic past. In order to break down the walls of apathy, it is not enough simply to make people aware of the inhumane nature of nuclear weapons or the threat they pose. We need to recognize the irrationality and inhumanity of living in a world overshadowed by nuclear weapons, wrenched and distorted by the structural violence they embody.”—Daisaku Ikeda, 2011 Peace Proposal

“Nuclear weapons epitomize an absolute evil that threatens humankind’s right to live; they are incompatible with the interests not only of national security but of human security―the pursuit of peace and dignity for all people on Earth. ”—Daisaku Ikeda, 2009 Peace Proposal

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