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Full List of Published Dialogues

Open dialogue among individuals and among civilizations is the key to the harmonious solidarity of humankind—this conviction has motivated Ikeda to engage in dialogue with a wide range of individuals from around the world. Many of these dialogues have been published in book form.

The year in parenthesis indicates the first year of publication for each title. Tentative or working titles have been given where no English version exists.

1. Bunmei nishi to higashi (tentative translation: Civilization, East and West)
with Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
Japanese (1972)

2. Choose Life: A Dialogue [Link]
with Arnold J. Toynbee
Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese (1975), Korean, Lao, Malay, Nepali, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Sinhalese, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese

3. Jinsei mondo (working title: On Living)
with Konosuke Matsushita
Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese (1975) , Korean

4. Ningen kakumei to ningen no joken (tentative translation: Human Revolution and the Human Condition)
with André Malraux
Japanese (1976)

5. Letters of Four Seasons
with Yasushi Inoue
Chinese (simplified), English, French, Japanese (1977), Malay, Thai

6. Dawn After Dark: A Dialogue [Link]
with René Huyghe
Chinese (simplified), English, French (1980), Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai

7. Before It Is Too Late: A Dialogue [Link]
with Aurelio Peccei
Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Danish, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese (1984), Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese

8. Human Values in a Changing World: A Dialogue [Link]
with Bryan Wilson
Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, French, Italian, Japanese (1985), Portuguese, Spanish, Thai

9. Dai san no niji no hashi (tentative translation: The Third Rainbow Bridge)
with Anatoli A. Logunov
Chinese (simplified), Japanese (1987), Russian

10. Heiwa to jinsei to tetsugaku o kataru (tentative translation: Philosophy of Human Peace)
with Henry Kissinger
Japanese (1987)

11. Humanity at the Crossroads
with Karan Singh
English, Japanese (1988), Thai

12. Search for a New Humanity: A Dialogue [Link]
with Josef Derbolav
Chinese (simplified), English, German (1988), Japanese, Thai

13. A Lifelong Quest for Peace: A Dialogue [Link]
with Linus Pauling
Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, Filipino, French, Japanese (1990), Korean, Malay, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese

14. Tonko no kosai (working title: The Radiance of Dunhuang: On Beauty and Life)
with Chang Shuhong
Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese (1990)

15. Sekai shimin no taiwa (tentative translation: Dialogue Between Citizens of the World)
with Norman Cousins
Japanese (1991)

16. Ode to the Grand Spirit: A Dialogue [Link]
with Chingiz Aitmatov
English, German, Japanese (1991), Kyrgyz, Russian

17. Space and Eternal Life [Link]
with Chandra Wickramasinghe
English, French, Japanese (1992), Portuguese

18. Kagaku to shukyo (working title: Science and Religion)
with Anatoli A. Logunov
Japanese (1994), Russian

19. Human Rights in the Twenty-first Century: A Dialogue [Link]
with Austregésilo de Athayde
English, French, Japanese (1995), Portuguese

20. Choose Peace [Link]
with Johan Galtung
English, Italian, Japanese (1995), Korean, Thai

21. Moral Lessons of the Twentieth Century [Link]
with Mikhail Gorbachev
Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese (1996), Korean, Russian, Slovakian

22. Taiheiyo no kyokujitsu (working title: Dawn of the Pacific)
with Patricio Aylwin Azócar
Japanese (1997), Spanish

23. Compassionate Light in Asia: A Dialogue [Link]
with Jin Yong
Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, Japanese (1998)

24. Kodomo no sekai (working title: The Path to the Land of Children)
with Albert A. Likhanov
Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese (1998), Russian

25. Utsukushiki shishi no tamashii (working title: A Lion's Heart)
with Axinia Djourova
Bulgarian, Japanese (1999)

26. On Being Human: Where Ethics, Medicine and Spirituality Converge [Link]
with René Simard and Guy Bourgeault
Chinese (traditional), English, French, Italian, Japanese (2000), Portuguese, Vietnamese

27. Reflections on the Global Civilization: A Dialogue [Link]
with Majid Tehranian
Arabic, Chinese (traditional), Dutch, English, French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese (2000), Malay, Persian, Thai

28. José Martí, Cuban Apostle [Link]
with Cintio Vitier
English, Japanese (2001), Spanish

29. Choose Hope [Link]
with David Krieger
English, Italian, Japanese (2001)

30. Atarashiki jinrui o atarashiki sekai o (working title: Beyond the Century: Dialogue on Education and Society)
with Victor A. Sadovnichy
Chinese (traditional), Japanese (2002), Russian

31. Toyo no chie o kataru (working title: Dialogue on Oriental Wisdom)
with Ji Xianlin and Jiang Zhongxin
Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese (2002)

32. Buddhism—A Way of Values: A Dialogue on Valorisation Across Time and Space [Link]
with Lokesh Chandra
Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, French, Japanese (2002), Korean

33. Kibo no seiki e takara no kakehashi (working title: The Bridge toward a Century of Hope: For the Perpetuation of Korean-Japanese Friendship)
with Cho Moon Boo
Japanese (2002), Korean

34. Planetary Citizenship: Your Values, Beliefs and Actions Can Shape a Sustainable World [Link]
with Hazel Henderson
Chinese (traditional), English, French, Italian, Japanese (2002), Malay, Portuguese, Vietnamese

35. Gaku wa hikari—bunmei to kyoiku no mirai o kataru (working title: The Illuminating Power of Learning)
with Victor A. Sadovnichy
Chinese (traditional), Japanese (2004), Russian

36. Uchu to chikyu to ningen (working title: The Cosmos, Earth and Human Beings)
with Alexander Serebrov
Chinese (traditional), Japanese (2004), Korean, Russian

37. Ningen to bunka no niji no kakehashi (working title: A Rainbow Bridge of Humanity and Culture)
with Cho Moon Boo
Japanese (2005), Korean

38. Our World To Make: Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Rise of Global Civil Society
with Ved Prakash Nanda
English, French, Japanese (2005)

39. A Dialogue Between East and West: Looking to a Human Revolution [Link]
with Ricardo Díez-Hochleitner
Arabic, English, French, Japanese (2005), Malay, Spanish

40. Into Full Flower: Making Peace Cultures Happen [Link]
with Elise Boulding
English, French, Italian, Japanese (2006)

41. Green Revolution and Human Revolution [Link]
with M. S. Swaminathan
Chinese (traditional), English (2005), Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese

42. A Quest for Global Peace: Rotblat and Ikeda on War, Ethics and the Nuclear Threat [Link]
with Joseph Rotblat
Chinese (traditional), English, German, Italian, Japanese (2006), Korean

43. Creating Waldens: An East-West Conversation on the American Renaissance [Link]
with Ronald A. Bosco and Joel Myerson
English, Japanese (2006)

44. New Horizons in Eastern Humanism: Buddhism, Confucianism and the Quest for Global Peace [Link]
with Tu Weiming
Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, Japanese (2007)

45. The Humanist Principle: On Compassion and Tolerance [Link]
with H. C. Felix Unger
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese (2007)

46. A Passage to Peace: Global Solutions from East and West [Link]
with Nur Yalman
Chinese (traditional), English, French, Japanese (2007), Malay

47. Yujo no daisogen (working title: The Grand Steppes of Friendship)
with Dojoogiin Tsedev
Japanese (2007), Mongolian

48. The Persistence of Religion: Comparative Perspectives on Modern Spirituality [Link]
with Harvey Cox
Chinese (traditional), English, French, Japanese (2008), Korean, Vietnamese

49. Walking with the Mahatma: Gandhi for Modern Times
with Neelakanta Radhakrishnan
Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, Japanese (2009), Malayalam, Tamil

50. Bunka to geijutsu no tabiji (working title: A Journey on the Path of Culture and the Arts)
with Jao Tsung-I
Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese (2009)

51. Tenmongaku to buppo o kataru (working title: Astronomy and Buddhism)
with Ronaldo Rogério de Freitas Mourão
Chinese (traditional), Japanese (2009), Portuguese

52. The Power of Hope: Thoughts on Peace and Human Rights in the Third Millennium
with Adolfo Pérez Esquivel
Chinese (traditional), English, Italian, Japanese (2009), Spanish

53. Asu o tsukuru kyoiku no seigyo (tentative translation: Shaping the Future: The Sacred Task of Education)
with Hans Henningsen
Chinese (traditional), Danish, Japanese (2009)

54. Kyoiku to bunka no odo (working title: The Noble Path of Education and Culture)
with Chang Jen-Hu
Chinese (traditional), Japanese (2010)

55. The Wisdom of Tolerance: A Philosophy of Generosity and Peace [Link]
with Abdurrahman Wahid
Arabic, Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, French, Indonesian, Japanese (2010), Malay

56. Ningen shori no shunju—rekishi to jinsei to kyoiku o kataru (working title: An Epoch of Human Triumph: A Dialogue on History, Life and Education)
with Zhang Kaiyuan
Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese (2010)

57. The Inner Philosopher: Conversations on Philosophy's Transformative Power [Link]
with Lou Marinoff
Chinese (simplified), English, Italian, Japanese (2011), Spanish

58. Heiwa no ashita e kyoiku no taiko—ukuraina to nihon no yujo (working title: The Great Light of Education toward the Dawn of Peace: Ukraine-Japan Friendship)
with Michael Z. Zgurovsky
Chinese (traditional), Japanese (2011), Russian, Ukrainian

59. Creating the Culture of Peace: A Clarion Call for Individual and Collective Transformation
with Anwarul K. Chowdhury
Chinese (traditional), English, Japanese (2011)

60. Nijuisseiki no Naporeon—rekishi sozo no esupuri (seishin) o kataru (working title: Napoléon of the Twenty-first Century: A Conversation on the Spirit of Creating History)
with Charles Napoléon
Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese (2011)

61. Chikyu o musubu bunkaryoku (working title: The Unifying Power of Culture)
with Gao Zhanxiang
Chinese (simplified) (2012), Japanese

62. Heiwa no kakehashi—ningen kyoiku o kataru (working title: Humanistic Education: A Bridge to Peace)
with Gu Mingyuan
Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese (2012)

63. America Will Be!: Conversations on Hope, Freedom, and Democracy [Link]
with Vincent Harding
Chinese (simplified and traditional), English, French, Japanese (2012)

64. Reaching Beyond: Improvisations on Jazz, Buddhism, and a Joyful Life [Link]
with Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter
Chinese (traditional), English, French, German, Hungarian, Korean, Italian, Japanese (2013)

65. Asu no sekai, kyoiku no shimei—nijuisseiki no ningen o kosatsu suru (working title: The Mission of Education in Tomorrow's World: Thoughts on Humanity in the 21st Century)
with Victor Sadovnichy
Japanese (2013), Russian

66. The Art of True Relations: Conversations on the Poetic Heart of Human Possibility [Link]
with Sarah Wider
English, Italian, Japanese (2013)

67. Living As Learning: John Dewey in the 21st Century [Link]
with Jim Garrison and Larry Hickman
Chinese (traditional), English, French, Japanese (2014), Korean, Vietnamese

68. Peace, Justice and the Poetic Mind: Conversations on the Path of Nonviolence [Link]
with Stuart Rees
Chinese (traditional), English, Italian, Japanese (2014)

69. Knowing Our Worth: Conversations on Energy and Sustainability [Link]
with Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker
Chinese (traditional), English, French , German, Italian, Japanese (2014)

70. Inochi no hikari haha no uta (working title: The Light of Life: Songs of Mothers)
with Jutta Unkart-Seifert
Japanese (2015)

71. Global Citizenship: Toward a Civilization of Wisdom, Love and Peace [Link]
with José Veloso Abueva
English, Japanese (2015)

72. Shaping a New Society: Conversations on Economics, Education, and Peace [Link]
with Lawrence J. Lau
Chinese (traditional), English, Italian, Japanese (2015)

73. Song for a New Global Civilization: Conversations on Tagore and World Citizens
with Bharati Mukherjee
Chinese (traditional), English, Japanese (2016)

74. Toward a Century of Peace: A Dialogue on the Role of Civil Society in Peacebuilding [Link]
with Kevin Clements
English, Italian, Japanese (2016)

75. Mirai ni okuru jinsei tetsugaku (working title: A Philosophy of Life for Future Generations: Learning from Literature and People)
with Wang Meng
Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese (2017)

76. Да спасим човека (working title: Awakening a Great Revival of Our Humanity)
with Axinia Djourova
Bulgarian (2020)

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