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Fighting for Peace

Fighting for Peace
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In the earlier half of the 20th century, Austrian-born writer Stefan Zweig is said to have urged organizing for peace as the most effective measure against the organizations of war. In a parallel vein on a different continent, Daisaku Ikeda culled from the tragedy of war a lifelong commitment to building the resources for peace. Fighting for Peace is a collection of poetry that gives impassioned voice to this commitment shared by people around the world.

More than a recitation of epic failures at winning peace and justice for all, the poems speak to citizen and statesman alike of undying hope for change. And more than a flowery appeal for better times, the poems speak plainly of the full range of human potential:

Each individual’s heart
—various and extensive,
capable of evil and of good—
propagates and spreads
its influence like ringlet waves
overlapping on multiple dimensions.
The result can be an era of peace
or a world of conflict and war.
With splendid effort
let us win and gain
the crown
of inner victory!

Ikeda’s poems speak of a growing solidarity among the peoples of the world for a time when both citizen and leader, every structure and institution renounces war as an unacceptable failure for humanity.


FOREWORD by Ishmael Reed

by Joseph Rotblat, Nobel Peace Laureate, 1995, Emeritus President, Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs


AUGUST 15: The Dawn of a New Day

IN JOYOUS TUMULT: Unfurling the Banner of Humanism




“These poems are a treasure trove of distilled wisdom from a great soul, an inspired leader and citizen of Planet Earth. Daisaku Ikeda, spiritual leader, scholar, author, activist and poet, is truly an example and an inspiration to all the human family.”
—Hazel Henderson, futurist, environmental activist and alternative economist

“Each poem in this collection is an exquisitely carved gem radiating with keen sensitivity and profound perceptivity. The intent is undoubtedly to share his hopes and aspirations with the reader to strive together for a better world for humankind.”
—Mbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali, Poet, South Africa author of Sounds of a Cowhide Drum

“If a culture of peace is to be realized in the 21st Century, it will be aided by the visionaries among us. If humankind is to achieve a nonviolent future, its possibility resides in those who embody it in the present. The poems of Ikeda envision ways of peace and reveal struggles necessary to 'revolutionize ourselves.' The conquest of violence is made possible by this language of peace in the making.”
—Dale Bryan, Director, Institute in Social Movements and Strategic Nonviolence, Tufts University

“Daisaku Ikeda, a universal humanist, is a born poet… This collection of his writings represents a ceaseless stream of lyricism and spirituality.”
—Justice S. Mohan, President, World Academy of Arts and Culture

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