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Kanta and the Deer

Kanta and the Deer
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Kanta is a city boy being cared for by an uncle living in the remote mountains of Hokkaido in northern Japan. The boy, who must live apart from his parents due to their work, has no other children for playmates and is very timid. "His parents thought living close to nature might toughen him up a little."

One day, Kanta befriends Poyu, a baby deer that lost its parents and herd to merciless hunters. The boy and the deer develop a unique friendship as the deer grows into a brave young buck and Kanta discovers his own resiliency and courage. With the bitter, cold Hokkaido winter as the backdrop, together they fight to save the deer from extinction and Kanta develops deep respect for the creatures that struggle to survive in such tough conditions.

The characters come alive through the rich, earthy renderings of Christina Sun, a renowned New York illustrator.

Kanta and the Deer is also available in Japanese, Italian, traditional Chinese and Portuguese.

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