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February 13, 2011

Works by Daisaku Ikeda on the Cosmos Released in Brazil and Taiwan

Space and Eternal Life

SÃO PAULO, Brazil: Two works on life and the universe by Daisaku Ikeda have been published in Brazil and Taiwan. Brasil Seikyo has released a Portuguese edition of Space and Eternal Life with a forward by Brazilian astronomer, Dr. Ronaldo Rogério de Freitas Mourão. The second work, a traditional Chinese edition of Tenmongaku to buppo o kataru (tentative translation: A Dialogue on Astronomy and Buddhism), was launched in Taiwan by Cheng Yin Culture Enterprise.

Space and Eternal Life is a dialogue in which Mr. Ikeda and astronomer Chandra Wickramasinghe examine scientific and Buddhist perspectives on cosmology, life after death, and the challenges posed by advancements in science and technology. Born in Sri Lanka, Dr. Wickramasinghe was awarded his doctorate by Cambridge University and currently serves as a professor at Cardiff University and director of the Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology. Mr. Ikeda and Dr. Wickramasinghe first met in 1988 in Tokyo and completed their dialogue over seven separate meetings.

In "A Dialogue on Astronomy and Buddhism," Dr. Mourão and Mr. Ikeda discuss life, humanity and the universe--and the profound interconnectedness of all three. Formerly a senior astronomer at Brazil's Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences, Dr. Mourão now serves as an official member of the Brazilian Institute of History and Geography (BIHG) and is a board member of the Brazilian Academy of Philosophy (BAP). He first met Mr. Ikeda, who is an honorary member of both BIHG and BAP, in Japan in 2005.

[Adapted from articles in the February 8 and 13, 2011, issues of the Seikyo Shimbun, Soka Gakkai, Japan]