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September 29, 2009

Inter Press Service and IDN-InDepthNews Interview Daisaku Ikeda on His Five-Point Nuclear Abolition Proposal

Inter Press

Inter Press Service (IPS), a news agency specializing in development and human rights issues, and IDN-IndepthNews, providing in-depth news and information on a wide range of global issues, recently interviewed Daisaku Ikeda, SGI president, on a proposal he issued in early September 2009 outlining concrete steps toward the abolition of nuclear weapons. [Link to "Building Global Solidarity Toward Nuclear Abolition"]

In the interview titled "Q&A: 'Closer Now to a Nuke-Free World,'" Mr. Ikeda affirms that "the real 'enemy' is not nuclear weapons, nor the states that would possess or develop them," but "the way of thinking that justifies nuclear weapons." He urges civil society "to come together to create a popular groundswell for nuclear abolition," embracing a vision of the possibility of that goal. [Read the full interview on the Inter Press site]

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