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Recent Events

May 03 2019

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Traditional Chinese Edition of The New Human Revolution, Vol. 30, Released in Hong Kong

A traditional Chinese edition of the 30th and final volume of Daisaku Ikeda’s serialized novel, The New Human Revolution, was recently published by Cosmos Books.

Apr 19 2019

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Daisaku Ikeda Interviewed by InDepthNews

In an online interview with the news agency IDN, SGI President Ikeda shared his perspectives on the current state of nuclear disarmament and the development of lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS).

Apr 17 2019

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Italian Edition of Unger-Ikeda Dialogue Published

An Italian edition of The Humanist Principle: On Compassion and Tolerance, a dialogue between Dr. Felix Unger, Austrian heart surgeon and president of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Vienna, and Daisaku Ikeda, was recently released by Edizioni Piemme publishers.

Feb 22 2019

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Daisaku Ikeda’s Advice to Youth Published in China

A simplified Chinese edition of Seinen-sho (On Youth), a collection of Daisaku Ikeda’s advise to young people, was recently published by Shaanxi Normal University Press.

Feb 07 2019

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English Edition of Clements-Ikeda Dialogue Published

A dialogue between peace scholar Dr. Kevin P. Clements and Daisaku Ikeda titled Toward a Century of Peace: A Dialogue on the Role of Civil Society in Peacebuilding was recently released by Routledge, the world's leading academic publisher in the humanities and social sciences.

Jan 26 2019

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2019 Peace Proposal Calls for Urgent Action Toward Disarmament and Increased Role for Youth

On January 26, 2019, the 37th annual peace proposal by Daisaku Ikeda, SGI president, was released, titled “Toward a New Era of Peace and Disarmament: A People-Centered Approach.”

Dec 29 2018

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Peace, Justice and the Poetic Mind—Dialogue with Stuart Rees Published

Dialogue Path Press recently released Peace, Justice and the Poetic Mind: Conversations on the Path of Nonviolence, a dialogue between Daisaku Ikeda and Australian peace scholar Stuart Rees.

Dec 14 2018

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Brazil Awards National Order of Educational Merit

On December 14, 2018, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda was awarded the National Order of Educational Merit in the Grade of Officer by the country’s Ministry of Education in recognition of his numerous contributions to the promotion of education, peace and culture.

Nov 08 2018

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An Uzbek Edition of The World is Yours to Change and an Italian Edition of Wider-Ikeda Dialogue Now Available

An Uzbek edition of The World Is Yours to Change and an Italian edition of The Art of True Relations, a dialogue between Sarah Wider and Daisaku Ikeda, were released in November and April, 2018, respectively.

Nov 06 2018

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Navoiy City, Uzbekistan, Hosts “Dialogue with Nature” Exhibition

On November 6, 2018, “Dialogue with Nature,” an exhibition of photographs taken by Daisaku Ikeda, opened at the Art Gallery in Navoiy City in the Republic of Uzbekistan.