Featured Photos by Daisaku Ikeda
Golden Ginkgo leaves sway gently in the autumn breeze. (Tokyo, November 2022)
A butterfly alights gently in a field of vivid cosmos flowers under autumn skies. (Tokyo, October 2022)
Shaded by surrounding leaves, the cotton rose flower gracefully spreads its petals under the last vestiges of the summer sun.
(Tokyo, September 2022)
A budding lotus nestled between two in mid bloom
(Tokyo, July 2022)
Refreshing green leaves and young branches reach for the skies.
(Tokyo, May 2022)
Cherry blossoms blooming in profusion under a bright blue sky
(Tokyo, March 2022)
A snow-capped Mt. Fuji peeks out from behind an array of autumn-colored hills in this photo taken from the Makiguchi Memorial Hall.
(Hachioji, Tokyo, December 2021)
A beautiful winter day on the Soka University campus (Hachioji, Tokyo, December 2021)
Japanese maple trees show off their crimson foliage under clear blue autumn skies. (Tokyo, November 2021)
Ginkgo trees glistening in the autumn sun (Shinanomachi, Tokyo, November 2021)
Water lily afloat on a potted pond (Tokyo, September 2021)
The perennial cotton rose blooming brightly, foretelling the coming of autumn (Tokyo, September 2021)
Pink lotus flower in bloom (Tokyo, July 2021)
Lotus flowers (Tokyo, July 2021)
Tree-lined boulevard near the Soka Gakkai Headquarters Complex (Shinanomachi, Tokyo, May 2021)
Fuchsia peonies (Shinanomachi, Tokyo, April 2021)
Towering ginkgo trees along a major street (Shinanomachi, Tokyo, April 2021)
Red azalea bushes (Tokyo, April 2021)
Cherry trees in magnificent bloom near the National Theater of Japan (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, March 2021)
Early flowering kanzakura cherries, harbinger of spring (Tokyo, February 2021)
A warbler perches on a plum blossom branch and bathes in the sun's rays. (Tokyo, February 2021)