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University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan
July 22, 2004--Honorary Doctorate

Professor Shtaywy Abdalla, Vice President

Mr. Daisaku Ikeda has, since his early youth, crystallized a firm anti-war stand, has opposed militarism of all kinds and has spoken against all forms of violence.

. . . He has devoted his entire career to rooting out the fundamental causes of conflict and to the promotion of a culture of peace.

. . . Mr. Ikeda, as thinker, author and educator, has committed himself to the noble premise that only through personal interaction and dialogue across cultural and philosophical boundaries that human beings can nurture trust and understanding.

. . . He has advocated the transformative value of religion, the universality of life, the supremacy of social responsibility, and the necessity of sustainable programs and development.

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Statement of Prince El Hassan bin Talal

Our shared vision of peace is one of mutual trust and understanding between the individuals of our small planet, through networks not of abstracts or ideologies but between people who have institutionalized places of safety for all conversations . . .

I would suggest that you are such a guardian of our shared human birthright, with whom moderates and centrists from every culture can discuss the idea of heritage without frontiers, of global understanding between citizens. As a scholar and a religious man gifted with great comprehension and compassion, you have called us to higher thought and more thoughtful action.

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