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Conflict and tension do not in themselves render dialogue impossible; what builds the walls between us is our willingness to remain ignorant of others. This is why it is crucial to be the one to initiate dialogue. Everything starts from there.

Dialogue is an adventure, an adventure available to anyone. And sometimes it’s an adventure whose outcome can change history.

Dialogue is not some simplistic assertion of one’s own position, nor is it necessarily about persuading others to one’s point of view. Dialogue is about demonstrating respect for another’s life, and being determined to learn when confronted with differences in personality and perspective.

Dialogue starts by clearly recognizing the positions and interests of the parties involved and then carefully identifying the obstacles to progress, patiently working to remove and resolve each of them. Dialogue is the ultimate constructive undertaking of the human spirit.

Dialogue starts from the courageous willingness to know and be known by others. It is the painstaking and persistent effort to remove all obstacles that obscure our common humanity.

Dialogues are like a drama in multiple acts. There are moments when sparks fly, and moments of sheer delight when chords of sympathy reverberate. Lively, vigorous dialogue is satisfying and overflowing with dynamism.

Everything begins with dialogue. Dialogue is the initial step in the creation of value. Dialogue is the starting point and unifying force in all human relationships.

For all of us, to expand the circle of dialogue within our community is to expand the space of comfort and security, the space where we know that we are accepted and have a place.

Genuine dialogue is a ceaseless and profound spiritual exertion that seeks to effect a fundamental human transformation in both ourselves and others. Dialogue challenges us to confront and transform the destructive impulses inherent in human life. I earnestly believe that the energy generated by this courageous effort can break the chains of resignation and apathy that bind the human heart, unleashing renewed confidence and vision for the future.

How can humankind overcome the crises that face us in the twenty-first century? There is, of course, no simple solution, no “magic wand” we can wave to make it all better. The core of such efforts must be to bring forth the full potential of dialogue. So long as human history continues, we will face the perennial challenge of realizing, maintaining and strengthening peace through dialogue.

It is in the ocean of dialogue that a person can become truly human. Dialogue is an epic challenge which first requires you to change yourself, rather than trying to change others.

It is in the resonance of people encountering each other in the fullness of their humanity that the melodies of a new creative energy unfold.

Key to dialogue is respect for the other person, a willingness to listen, and a readiness to learn from them.

Let us extinguish the flames of hatred with a flood of dialogue.

Opening a process of dialogue is the first step toward dispelling the dark clouds of suspicion that are the backdrop to war and conflict. In the interest of global peace, it is vital to avoid isolating any nation or people.

Passion inspires passion, and sincerity summons forth sincerity. Genuine dialogue is just this sort of profound life-to-life interaction.

People and societies that are open to dialogue do not stagnate but grow and develop.

So long as human history continues, we will face the perennial challenge of realizing, maintaining, and strengthening peace through dialogue, of making dialogue the sure and certain path to peace. We must uphold and proclaim this conviction without cease, whatever cold knowing smiles or cynical critiques may greet us.

The age when silence is considered an indication of wisdom is over. This is an age of the people, an age of dialogue, a time when people must share their opinions and thoroughly discuss things. To withdraw into an isolated world of quiet contemplation will cause one to lose out.

The courage to meet and talk with people is absolutely crucial. Choosing dialogue is itself the triumph of peace and of humanity.

The mark of wisdom lies, more than anything else, in the ability to listen.

The true value of dialogue is not to be found solely in the results it produces but also in the process of dialogue itself, as two human spirits engage with and elevate each other to a higher realm.

The two wheels that carry dialogue forward are a belief that everyone possesses goodness within, and a spirit of unflagging determination to tap and draw out that goodness.

To have faith in the power of dialogue is to believe in the promise of humanity.

True courage is not found in force, it is found in the effort to engage in dialogue. This is when humanity truly triumphs.

We are not born human in any but a biological sense; it is only by immersion in the “ocean of language and dialogue” fed by the springs of cultural tradition that we can learn to know ourselves and others and thus learn the ways of being human.

When we stop looking at ourselves, when we no longer question ourselves, we become self-righteous and dogmatic. Our discourse becomes a one-way street: We cannot hear others, and real dialogue becomes impossible.

Without dialogue, humans are fated to walk in the darkness of their own dogmatic self-righteousness. Dialogue is the lamp by which we dispel that darkness, lighting and making visible for each other our steps and the path ahead.

Words spoken from the heart have the power to change a person’s life. They can even melt the icy walls of mistrust that separate peoples and nations.

Genuine dialogue, rooted in sincere friendship, has the power to overcome differences in ethnicity, to transcend borders and interests, to bring down the walls of division.

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